Zakat, is pillar of faith in Islam and is a spiritual duty for those Muslims who can afford it. Both the giver – and receiver – gain great blessings. 

Human Appeal works in 22 countries, helping communities to lift themselves out of poverty through education, training and supporting livelihoods. We’ve achieved so much by bringing back smiles and comfort into the lives of many, and you can use your zakat as a platform to allow this action to continue and prosper.

Donate your Zakat through Human Appeal, safe in the knowledge that it will be used where it is most needed. Be the reason for improved livelihoods. Be the reason for the beautiful smiles on the less fortunate.

Feeding the Fasting Burma (1 day)

Feeding the Fasting (1 day)

Plant Two Olive Trees Palestine

Feed Fasting For whole Month Burma

Feed Fasting For whole Month Yemen, Syria, Gaza

Water Well